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Kids at the Beach

The children of Best Kids Village enjoyed a fun filled day at the beach.

Beach Fun.jpg

They were so excited, to be on their way. Field trips are always an adventure for the kids at our orphanage. They love to explore, and have lots of fun , but who doesnt. The bus ride there was an adventure in it self. They discovered new things on our way, sang songs and played games. Once we got to the beach all faces lit up, they were ready to dig in.. literally. They built all types of fun fillied tings they could with the sand, and even buried some of us and each other in the sand. We swam, and enjoyed the water. The day went by so quickly, it was already time for lunch. We had lots of fun, but it was time to go, everyone was ehausted from our fun activities . We love summer.

Summer Fun Trip.jpg
Summer Fun Trip 2.jpg

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