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Sponsorship Package:
$20/month- Health services
$40/month - Education and School supplies for 1 child
$80/month - 3 nutritiousmeals a day.
All monetary gifts are welcomed and appeciated
Marie's Village Foundation depends on the generosity of individuals in the community, like you, to provide items for the children and families in need who are less fortunate than we are. Since 1990 Marie Adam has helped thousands of people, more than half of those helped are children. Some frequently needed items are: Food (non- perishable food items in un opened containers), clothing, beds, cirbs, mattresses, pillows, shoes, diapers, wipes, soap, shampoo, thoothbrushes,  and toothpaste. All monetary donations are welcomed and appreciated, transportation donations are also accepted. All donators will be provided with a receipt to claim with your taxes.
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