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Association des Femmes Pour le Development Integral D'Haiti. We provide youth and women a safe transitional housing alternative, teach a multitude of skills to empower them to self-suffiency, and offer moral, emotional, educational and social support.

Vocational Training

Our vocational program will provide training in:

Computers: Lessons will cover how to save, print, and edit documents and how to use the Internet, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. As well as PC hardware/software overview, word processing, spreadsheets, and creating presentations.

Auto repair tech - The lessons for this program will focus on areas such as engines, electrical systems, brakes and batteries.

Construction - The lessons for this program will focus on safety, construction materials, methods, building codes, productivity, cost control and construction estimating.

Agriculture - Focus on diverse approches to agricultural production, and management.

The programs will focus on providing students with the hands on instruction in their trade. All programs are taught by proffesionals in their feild.

Culinary Arts

The tailoring program will focus on the fundamental hand and machine skills, introduction to sewing, learn how to use tailoring tools, for example, tailors use a regular measuring tape for body measurements, but often use short rulers to mark buttonhole spacing and clothing hem-lengths on fabric. Special rulers, such as a French curve, help tailors make alteration adjustments on angled seam lines. All students will get to work with professional tailors.


The Cosmetology program will provide courses that will prepare the student for a career in the field of cosmetlogy. They will learn and develop academic, proffesional knowledge, and skills required for job acquisition, retention, and advancement. Along with the hair, skin and nail courses the students will be required to take, the program will also cover training in saftey, sanitation, chemical reformationand application, skin, hair, and nail diseases and disorders

The Culinary arts program will allow the student to turn their passion for food into a rewarding career. The program will train in cooking, baking serving, and management skills. All prgram attendees will gain knowledge of food science, nurtition, and diet in the preperation of meals. 

The Haitian government contains a Ministry of Women’s Affairs, but it lacks the resources to address issues such as violence against youth and women in Haiti….” We want to express our deep concern at the levels of sexual violence perpetrated against girls/women in Haiti, particularly during the carnival season. While the true extent of sexual violence against girls is not known, every year, in Port-au-Prince alone, dozens of girls report being raped at gunpoint by groups of young men. Young girls and women in Haiti suffer constant threats to their security and well-being because of rape, kid-napping and domestic violence. Besides domesticity, at risk youth are at a much higher risk of teenage pregnancy, gang participation and other violent activities, and lower earning potential across their lifetime. One of our main objectives is to render services for the upliftment of poor and downtrodden rural women through awareness, education and action for solving the problems of these victims. We want to lead Youth and Women of our foundation to empower women to create social change. Illiteracy and education discounts are an obvious phenomena. Illiteracy affects more women and girls; vocational training is almost non-existent in the public sector. Our womens empowerment program  will inspire women to have the voice, ability and problem solving capacity they need to speak up, be decision makers, create visionary change and realize their full potential. We believe a woman is powerful and full of often-untapped potential. A woman can change the world but first, she needs to be given an opportunity. Marie’s Village Foundation encourages youth and women participation in the development and rebuilding process of Haiti.

 We welcome your financial support of our programs to promote education and economic opportunities for the youth and women of Haiti.

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